Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Ventura Chapter AAGP (American Association of Grant Professionals)

I like to think that I'm up on technology, and for the most part I am! I have several twitter accounts, an awesome facebook account (my fan page is not quite as awesome as it should be), I'm delving into the world of linked in, and creating long lasting connections through the Web 2.0. However, my attempts at blogging have been woefully lax. I have managed to figure out Google Reader and truly believe that it is Google's world--we are just all living in it.

This blog will concern all things cutting edge in the philanthropic community. I'm in love with Social Entrepreneurship, new connected philanthropic giving, social media as a fundraising tool et al. I will be bringing online free training webinars in the very near future. If you have ideas, please email me!

Ventura Chapter AAGP

Last Thursday I was elected President of the new Ventura Chapter of AAGP. I'm excited about this new group of grant professionals meeting on a regular basis. The chapter will focus on professional development, mentoring, training and bringing credibility to our industry. Check out AAGP at If you are in the Ventura/Santa Barbara region, come join our chapter!!