Thursday, December 10, 2009

Social Media Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

I love twitter! People probably look at me and think I'm the most unlikely person to be connected to social media sites such as twitter. I've found however that they provide a plethora of resources, research and innovative approaches to both philanthropy and the work of nonprofit organizations.

In the last day or so I've come across several interesting articles that you might find illuminating. I could have been one of those olden day monks scribing text forever, or living underground in a musty library. Research to me is the most exciting part of my job. Well, next to seeing lives impacted by the good work done by nonprofits, but I digress.

Nowadays, I can sit at my computer and read through my twitter stream or my google reader account and come across very cutting edge articles. Here are a sampling of the things I've been reading in the last couple of days:

Involvement of Youth in Nonprofit Work: First Coast nonprofit groups get young people involved

Do What Foundations Say~Not What they Do: Study Says Few Foundations Use Data to Evaluate Themselves

Safety Net Programs:
LaDonna Pavetti, Director of Welfare Reform and Income Support, on the Impact of the Recession and the Recovery Act on Social Safety Net Programs

America's Next Top Philanthropist

What interesting resources have you found?