Monday, March 8, 2010

It's My Birthday Tomorrow and I'm Giving Away Presents

It's my birthday tomorrow, Tuesday March 9th, and I'm celebrating in a big way. I will be hosting a free Grantwriting webinar at 10 AM PST.

Not only will you learn insider tips and secrets...your organization will be eligible to receive FREE PRO BONO grant writing services from Roberts & Associates! Yes, you read that right, one agency represented on the webinar will win pro bono grant writing services from Roberts & Associates.

Tell your friends and neighbors about this webinar.....register while space is still available.

The registration link is:

See you at the birthday party!


Lisa Muttiah said...

I really enjoyed attending your recent Grantwriting webinar. You were very thorough and had great advice that was very practical. You gave me a new perspective on a couple of issues, and I think my future proposals will be stronger.


Lisa Muttiah
Fort Worth, TX

Anonymous said...

I found the webinar on Grant Writing very useful and a great supplement to the workshop given by Carrie that I attended. She is very passionate about grant writing and offers insightful suggestions for more effective grant writing. I highly recommend her workshops and webinars. Linda-LAUSD

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