Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conversations with Experts, What Have I Learned?

I have conducted free training webinars each week for the past three months. During this time I have talked with many experts about different issues that impact nonprofits and governmental agencies. So what have I learned? First, I believe that there is a great need for basic information and infrastructure support in order to help people do their jobs better and achieve better outcomes. The webinars have also reconfirmed my belief in the goodness of humans, their capacity to share, give of themselves and care for their fellow citizens. I have interacted with folks from all parts of the country, all different sectors.

The folks I have worked with have been the most wonderful, grateful individuals. I am so thankful that I have spent many years in the nonprofit sector and have gained a lot of information during this time period.

What do I want from this experience… I want to create a dialogue, a conversation that promotes the abundance of resources instead of a mentality of scarcity. The economy has impacted all of us, especially nonprofits, who in most cases are now helping more people, with even less resources. I wish we could view the National Philanthropy Awards on television, honoring those who give, those who care, and those who make a difference. Most of these folks are hidden, doing their work on a day to day basis without acclaim or applause, or appropriate support and technical assistance.

My free Conversations with Experts webinars are a way of saying thank you. This is a sector that needs a collective hug right now….needs to be thanked , supported and embraced for the good work it does. Hopefully my blog can help say thank you with practical gifts.

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